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Back in the early 90's while playing wiffle ball in the street w some friends, one of our friends told us that his cousin just got drafted to the Yankees. We asked him what his cousins name was and he said, Derek Jeter. We were all like, "oh that's cool," now let's keep playing. haha From what I remember, Derek's friends & family helped promote him from day 1. My friend would come down to where we all met up to play ball and he gave us some of Derek's signed high school baseball cards. Awesome! I loved collecting cards and now I have my first signed card of a, "nobody!"

A couple months go by and I was at another friends house looking through his new pick up of cards and saw a Derek Jeter Greensboro Hornets card. I asked him if he wanted to make a trade for the Jeter card. He said that I could just have it because he didn't know who Jeter was. No one knew who Jeter was!

Within the next day or so, we all met up after school again for some street ball and I showed my friend that I just got another card of his cousin. He said, "I think I have that one at home already signed. Give me that one and I'll give you the signed one." Again, AWESOME! Now I have two signed baseball cards and of a player who I know nothing about!

Nowadays, my card collection is maybe a half a dozen cards and these two Jeter cards are staying with me forever. I don't care to ever know the value of these cards, as they will be handed down in my family. I'm sure the story on how I got these cards will change a little, but the tradition will always remain the same.