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Graphic Designer’s NBA Uniform Concepts Rival Nike’s Actual Jerseys

By July 31, 2017Press Release
NBA Uniform Concepts


Graphic Designer’s NBA Uniform Concepts Rival Nike’s Actual Jerseys

Contact: Brian Begley
Email: brian@iambrianbegley.com
URL: http://www.iambrianbegley.com

Boonton, NJ – August 1, 2017 – In lieu of Nike’s NBA takeover, graphic designer, Brian Begley, took on the impressive task of redesigning uniforms for the entire NBA. The concepts, 160 jerseys in total, have garnered viral attention on social media as well as features with local and national media outlets. Now, as Nike has begun releasing their new uniforms, many fans prefer Begley’s designs over Nike’s official jerseys.

Andrew Joseph of For the Win – USA Today, weighs in on the quality of the uniform concepts: “Begley designed multiple uniform concepts for the Nike switch, and quite frankly, teams should just scrap what they have and go with Begley’s designs. They are outstanding.” Joseph isn’t the only one appreciating Begley’s designs. Fans have taken to social media, praising his concepts in the wake of Nike’s recent releases. In response to the Indiana Pacers’ uniform release, fans spoke out on Twitter: “I think the ones @iambrianbegley made got us all way to excited then the Pacers of course disappoint us lol” @sebastianL20; “Should’ve used @iambrianbegley’s designs” @DJNicolasRage; “@iambrianbegley dude…yours are waaaaaaaaayyyyyyy better” @justinpence; “Any of these @iambrianbegley designs are better 1000%” @JoelVanags

Beyond the personal challenge of creating 160 uniform designs, a task that took him upwards of 162 hours, Begley’s motivation for making the concepts was to have his design aesthetic fully realized in the jerseys. “I wanted to see what it would look like if my brain threw up on the NBA,” he quipped. “I wanted to flex my artistic muscles and showcase my design skills.” Begley has been in the design field for over 10 years and specializes in sports and apparel related design. He hopes to leverage his work on the NBA uniform concepts into a design position in which he can best utilize his skills and determination.

For more information on Brian Begley and his NBA uniform concepts, please visit http://www.iambrianbegley.com or email Brian at brian@iambrianbegley.com.